Choosing your patient communication tool is an important business decision and should not be taken lightly. We urge you to consider several important advantages, making SmileRadius a perfect solution, complete with variety of tools, designed to bring you interactions with patients on a completely new level. Our features create a comprehensive system of automated patient communication. The product covers virtually every aspect of the process: from appointment reminders and re-call options to review system and newsletter functionality. Our goal is to provide all necessary solutions for your dental practice, while requiring a bare minimum of your valuable time and effort to utilize them.


Cloud-Based integration with
Patient Management Systems
  Complete professional installation and maintenance support  

Designed to work with other CloudLions practice maintenance tools

Effective communication tools require current information from the patient management software. SmileRadius works with all major patient management systems. The actual information about patients and appointments automatically retrieved from the database and applied in tasks performed: the appointment reminders, reactivation searches candidates searches, group messages, etc. Compatible software includes: Dentrix, SoftDent, EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, OpenDental, PracticeWeb, EasyDental, WinOMS. Automation features allow to maintain only one list, and use its data both locally and online, saving precious time, avoiding errors and maximizing efficiency.


Our expertise in hardware and software installation, integration and maintenance ensures the effort-free management of our products in your office.
Our extensively-trained professionals will assist you on every step of the process. Ones the product is purchased, we will make sure it's installed correctly, integrated with your existing system, and well maintained and managed. We pride ourselves on world-class quality of service and myriads satisfied customers. Watch video testimonials to learn how our existing clients feel about CloudLions service and products. It's truly a service with a smile... smile of our clients.


CloudLions provide a comprehensive suite for several aspects of online patient management. Besides patient communication solutions, we bring to you several products, designed to cover other aspects of marketing and patient maintenance, such as appointment scheduling, instant chat, displaying testimonials on your website, even specialized hosting and websites for dental practices.
Our products are designed to work together, complimenting each-other and ultimately creating the ideal online presence, as well as benefiting from everything modern technology can offer for your practice. Choosing SmileRadius makes you eligible for CloudLions package offers.


Acquiring account with SmileRadius is objectively one of the best investment choices available for dental practice. We estimate average savings of 50% on the product price, compared to similar sets of functionality. We offer the long-term contract savings, as well as an opportunity to assess the value of our product on monthly-based rate. Additionally, you can see the statistics, outlining the return of your investment: our control panel provide you with details of daily activity, including the estimated income, acquired from using every tool, both for a specific date and from the moment of opening your account with us.

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1999 – Founded as moderate size hardware company, CloudLions was providing support services to dental practices around greater New York area.

2004 – Gradually the company grew into reputable service provider for hundreds of East Coast dentists. After five years of operation our name was synonym of quality.

2006 – Company expanded into software servicing and maintenance market for dental practices. Our services grown into complete solution for dental office tech support.

2010 – Due to popular demand, we began to implement custom software modifications for the dental software, and began worked on patient management online solution.

2012 – Our custom solutions were consolidated into SmileRadius along with several other products, the name CloudLions was assumed for the company.

2013 – Integration of several products of CloudLions resulted in a complete cloud-based solution for online patient-practitioner management suite.