We offer the following pricing options to our valuable customers:


Basic plan
Monthly fee based plan offers you the opportunity to test the product, before you decide on long-term package. Enjoy the full functionality and customer support for a low monthly fee and moderate set-up cost.
$250 setup fee
12-month plan
Choosing this plan will instantly save you $490 over the contract tern. This includes free set-up, while you commit for an annual contract. This is an ideal version to start using SmileRadius to full capacity.
$140/month ( $1680 total )
No setup fee
24-month plan
Biannual contract is our most popular option. Using this option, you save impressive $1210 over the contract life, comparing to Basic Plan. This plan is a robust choice for a long-term service, and big savings.
$120/month ( $2880 total )
No setup fee
36-month plan
The three year contract is a perfect choice for a serious practice, with long-term business planning. This plan saves you over $2400 over the contract period. Using this plan, you save 40% off original price.
$100/month ( $3600 total )
No setup fee