Use internet and mobile technologies
to maintain connection

We provide dental patient communication tools designed to actively interact with your patients through e-mails and text messages. Get most from today's technology: from effortless dental appointment reminder or patient recall reminder to personalised and automated birthday greeting.


Keep number of returning patients HIGH:
use reactivation tools

Every patient is precious, every returning patient is double so. SmileRadius provides you with spectrum of dental communication tools, designed to help you reclaiming iddle accounts. You can choose, when they receive the recall reminders and reactivation reminders, and how are they phrased.


Make your marketing campaign work
for you automatically 24/7

Automate and optimize your marketing campaigns, using patient communication tools: Manage your newsletters, ratings, reviews and social media without taking away from your practice, or using your personal time. This is a completely new level of dental communication systems.


Ready to test the system?

Contact us to request a personal demonstration
Our specialist will walk you through the actual control panel, show you the features, and answer any questions you may have.
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